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Designed for when danger is too close to talk or text.

VICTIMS and BYSTANDERS of: overdoses, child abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, bullies, crime, sex trafficking, captors… ALL do not have a SAFE WAY TO CONNECT WITH 911 TODAY. They can’t RISK calling 911 to have a hushed conversation or texting 911 all their information, NOT without escalating personal danger factors. Also helps people that have health or language barriers to communicating through speech or text with 911.

"911 can save victims faster by knowing the location of the sender's device." FCC

Scary Fact! 911 Does not instantly know your smartphone's location, only a land line address. Even with ‘find my phone’ or GPS on, people are not any safer! By FCC law, the 911 call center must ping local cell towers to try to determine a caller’s location someplace between them. Tower pinging is not a perfect science, it takes retries which take time, and often sends authorities to the wrong place.

Safely Consent is Title IX Compliant

Solutions built with Title IX at their core, help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Consistently updated, the safe sex consent is combined with a silent crisis connection to authorities, and privatized assault help resources. This app allows campuses, agencies and businesses to easily become and stay ultimately compliant. Our sexually active society needs it, yet most do not want a separate consent app on their phone, so we combined it with a high tech personal safety tool.


People trace a shape that disappears to DISCREETLY & SILENTLY SEND 911 the smart device's EXACT LOCATION and phone number with a message not to call until arriving or if necessary. This way ONLY THE SENDER KNOWS the authorities are coming. An automatic hidden audio recording of sender’s dangerous situation can also immediately begin, saving it to the non-erasable cloud.

“IoT SILENT 911, The Most Effective Active Bystander Tool”
Claims Expert Keith Labelle

As a leader in the Bystander Intervention community, having worked alongside scholars like Dr. Alan Berkowitz, having attended countless speaking engagements by Jackson Katz and having personally spoken both nationally and internationally over the past 15 years (including to the NFL) I can safely say that I have never been more excited about a technology invention that finally puts theory into practice like Wendy Mandell Geller’s SILENT 911 tool.

Research shows that most guys are good guys and that the overwhelming majority of men don’t rape women.  So, how and why are 1 in 5 women being sexually assaulted at college campuses throughout the country?  The answer is simple. The 10% of men who do commit sexual assault do it over and over and over again. In fact, they average over 6 rapes per rapist.

Experts have identified the most effective way to prevent sexual violence is through bystander intervention – or by soliciting the 90% of good guys to stand up for and watch out for the others. There are now scores of bystander intervention programs being rolled out to high school and college students on how to be an effective active bystander. These expensive programs are difficult to mandate and time consuming to truly educate students to make a difference.

The problem is that bystander intervention is a theory and being an active bystander safely is a skill that must be taught. And while I have educated students, staff and faculty members all over the country on the do’s and don’ts of being an active bystander for 15+ years now, there has never been a tangible tool to physically provide students to assist them in becoming effective active bystanders. There have been rape whistles and pepper spray and self-defense classes, but all of those tools only serve to further perpetuate the myths of sexual violence. These teach women how not to be raped, rather than giving all people – all potential bystanders – a tool to call for help in order to prevent not only sexual violence, but any type of emergency.

As is often the case, the solution to this problem has been provided with technology. Just as the internet has ushered in the information age at the turn of the 21st Century, I believe the 2020’s will forever be known as the time in history when ALL people were provided with the most effective tools to prevent crimes.

Wendy Mandell Geller created this solution. Her company’s SILENT 911 is, by far, the most effective tool to not only respond to emergencies, but also to proactively prevent these crimes from ever taking place. This revolutionary idea will change the way 911 operates forever. 

The reason I can say this is because I had the first-hand pleasure of visiting with Wendy in North Carolina, to see just how this technology works. This patent pending technology provides emergency responders with information about a victim’s location through a silent application that allows the responders to view/receive the exact location of the reporting victim through multiple different modes of transmission.

Through the use of SILENT 911, no longer will anyone have the need to call for help in a domestic violence situation by pretending to order a pizza.  No longer will people have to worry about being looked at differently by their peers because they called for help.  People who are experiencing trauma can simply trace a shape to get the proper authorities or emergency management services personnel to respond to their exact location.

The only negative I have to say about this innovative technology is that I wish it had been rolled out sooner as it undoubtedly would have saved countless lives, from people reporting everything from overdoses to boating accidents. 

The old personal alarm commercials advertising help for people who have fallen and can’t get up come to mind, but this level of technology is so advanced that Apple recently announced filing a patent for a similar silent finger triggered technology, completely validating Wendy’s technology concept.  Whether it be a fire, an overdose, an active shooter or an act of sexual violence, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.  IoT SILENT 911 will have the capacity to provide a greater level of necessary safety to all of us, in the very near future.


Keith Labelle
University of Rhode Island
Community, Equity & Diversity