A safer future is here: Simplify the Emergency click to best assist users & stop 911 misdials.

Help people protect themselves better! Make an instant impact on everyone's personal safety and bystander intervention with the IoT SILENT 911 tool. This high tech safety software can instantly shine over your region with features that protect everyone equally in times of need. The new Emergency button system redesign needs to allow communication with 911 the way people communicate best these days – silently, easily, with simple fast finger-triggered responses on a touch screen. 2.3 billion smartphones, 5 million apps, 482 million ATM users, 1 universal IoT SILENT 911 alert that disappears once sent*, and it can't butt dial 911!


IoT SILENT 911 Is Needed Immediately For The Public's Safety!

The universal usability of this patent-pending* invention as a new way to alert 911 silently, allows IoT SILENT 911 to be the new UX of the $100B Next Generation 911 telecom and public safety updates happening now. This technology responsibly saves time, $billions and lives everywhere.

The product: On any touchscreen device or smartphone, click Emergency or a SILENT 911 widget. Trace the shape. A discreet automatic call and/or text alert is sent to 911 of a Police, Fire Rescue or Medical Emergency at this device’s location. This alert disappears off devices once sent, for victim and bystander protection - no one else knows 911 was contacted, even if they check the device.

This tech's design also prevents the FCC’s problematic 84M yearly misdials to 911, as it is hard to butt-dial or for a baby to trace a shape to send the alert. 911 is sent your geolocation because thanks to GPS no one knows the address or cross streets of where they are located and neither does 911 if called from a mobile device: this device locating issue costs the USA over 10,000 lives annually, claims the FCC.

"Providing Equal Safety For ALL, this public safety invention can start improving local economies and emergency responders’ efficiencies immediately!" according to inventor Wendy Mandell Geller. "This SILENT 911 invention evolved from a desire to do more to protect victims, the general public and emergency responders with a higher level of safety, IoT SILENT 911 technology takes into consideration overdoses, violence, bullying, active shooters, assaults, gang activity and crime victims, as well as bystanders of these situations, all contacting 911 in realistic circumstances.”