About Safely Social

There Is No Subtitute For Saving Lives

Goal: Equal Safety For ALL! Creative inventions to easily enable any partnering, licensing or patent purchasing company to strategically expand their operations featuring the universally applicable IoT SILENT 911 or the verbal consent invention. These heroic patent pending technologies are: simple to implement and easy to use, multi generational relatable, user experience common sense reality based and they help solve trending major public safety and public health issues.

Motivated by helping the masses learn and practice how to help protect themselves non-violently, using mobile technology "their way" to get out of unwanted dangerous situations. The evolution began as a safe verbal consent app for all gender partners to communicate quickly yet openly about consent and STD risk-truths in this time of epidemic outbreaks, saving verbal consents, without any personal or social information. Our inventor, Wendy Mandell Geller, was asked, what if consent started to change to violence or abuse? How could this victim or a bystander inconspicuously alert security or 911 without drawing attention to themselves? So Wendy invented the IoT SILENT 911 cryptic crisis communication tool. 

This Distress Transmission enhances: emergency personal safety to the touch-screen using masses, bystander safer reporting in communities, and has other covert communication uses throughout the world. It is designed for when talking or texting is not a safe option - when the attacker, intruder, bully, abuser or capturer is close by.

Now Safely Social is searching for a socially responsible, exclusive active partner company or purchaser of these patented public safety technologies to help implement these daily needed security tools into the public, private and government sectors.

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